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A software designed specifically for the comprehensive management of audiological centers

What is Audyum?

It is the comprehensive management tool for audiological centers, which will assist you throughout the entire patient management process, appointments, sales, repairs, inventory control, and much more, saving you time for what really matters: patient care


Audyum adapts to your needs. You can configure your business lines from a single site.


Your data always secure and accessible only by those you decide.

Accessible 100%

The only requirement to access Audyum is to have an internet connection. It is accessible from any device.


Use it on the platform you like the most. You can access it from any browser, operating system. Install it as an application on mobile, tablet, or PC.

visualizacion multiplataforma


Use of the most innovative and powerful technologies on the market


Pleasant and intuitive to facilitate daily work. Have everything you need at hand


Your data always protected under encryption and personal backups


We accompany you on your journey. You will always have a team helping you with any questions.

Close to you

Close interaction with clients to get the most out of Audyum and evolve together


Do you want to innovate? Let's innovate together! Creation of custom modules, so that no detail escapes you.

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